SAT February 29 - SUN March 1, 2020

Leap Day Half-Priced Coaching Weekend. In your 75-minute fast-forward coaching session, we will talk about your health challenges, go over your test results, and map out ...
75-Minute Fast-Forward Coaching W/Mary
1 hr 15 min

If you've ever thought about doing a coaching session with me, this is the time to take the leap!


Saturday, February 29th is Leap Day - an extra day we get every four years. If you're struggling with your hormonal health challenges, you can use Leap Weekend (Saturday-Sunday February 29 and March 1) to get extra information -- and extra savings -- during my special "Fast Forward to Hormonal Health" Half-Price Coaching Weekend!

I've been coaching for two decades, and I can tell you that there's nothing more satisfying to me than when we get on the phone, and solve your health challenges. I'm thinking about a recent coaching client who had a confusing challenge. During our session, she said she had started Synthroid for her newly diagnosed hypothyroidism, but within days of starting the medication, she also developed debilitating daily migraines. She had to go to bed in a dark room every day to get through the migraines. When she told her doctor, he said that her migraines were entirely unrelated to starting thyroid medication, and wanted to refer her to a neurologist. 

I asked my client if she was lactose intolerant, or if she had seasonal allergies. "I do, but why do you ask?" she asked. I explained that Synthroid pills contain both lactose and acacia (a tree bark derivative that can trigger pollen allergies.)  My advice to her was to ask her doctor about switching to Tirosint, the hypoallergenic levothyroxine drug that contains no lactose or acacia, or other fillers.


I was thrilled when my client contacted me a month later.

"Mary, Mary, Mary! Thank you so much! Our coaching session was the BEST money I ever spent! Within a day of switching to the Tirosint, my daily migraines disappeared and never came back! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" 

THAT's why I coach! More reasons...


  • The dozens of my coaching clients who were told they were infertile and finally got pregnant and had healthy babies after their hormones were truly balanced. (The baby pictures they send me are a pride and joy for me!) 

  • The many coaching clients in their 70s and 80s who say, "Mary, I thought it was old age, but you were right! It wasn't! It's incredible! Thank you for helping me feel 50 again!" 

  • And the hundreds of coaching clients who say "I FINALLY feel like my doctor and I are on the same page and I'm FINALLY getting what I need and feeling better!" 

  • And then there are the men I coach who follow up to say -- sheepishly but happily --  "My mojo in the bedroom is totally back!"


YOU are why I do what I do! So thank you!

During a coaching session, we'll pinpoint the specific challenges you're facing, clear up complex situations, and brainstorm a practical plan that you can implement to go forward. 



The answer is "YES, absolutely" if any of the following situations sound like you: 


  • You're always ultra-busy, and don't have time to spend days or weeks (or MONTHS!) on the web researching your health condition, or figuring out which conventional and alternative treatment options may be right for you. 

  • You suspect that you have hormonal imbalances, but you're not sure what to do -- what tests to request or what steps to take next.

  • You have hormonal test results, but they might as well be in Greek! You don't really know what they even mean -- much less what to do about them.
  • You have an endocrinologist or other doctor who won't give you enough information to help you make good decisions about your treatment, and get the treatments to help you truly feel and live well.

  • You're being treated for a hormonal imbalance such as hypothyroidism, or adrenal fatigue, and you don't feel well, and your doctor doesn't seem to care that your treatment isn't working.

  • You are dealing with persistent hormonal symptoms, such as exhaustion, weight gain, hair loss, depression and anxiety, sleep problems, or low sex drive, and you're sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, and having no solutions!



There's SO MUCH we can get done during just one 75-minute Fast Forward Coaching Session. (I'm not asking you to commit to weekly or monthly calls. It's always on an "as needed" basis -- to meet YOUR needs!) 

During our Fast Forward Coaching Session, we'll review your situation and specific challenges, review test results in many cases, brainstorm effective, doable solutions, and I'll send you a detailed follow-up Fast Forward Action Plan after our call.

Your Fast Forward Action Plan will include details on additional tests that could be helpful, test result information to help you understand and interpret your findings, names of specific doctors and other health care providers who may be the right fit for you when needed, supplements and dietary changes to explore (with links and information) to help relieve your  symptoms, and topics for more research (with links, recommended reading, and more for those who like to dive in.) 

Just a few of the hormonal, thyroid, adrenal, insulin/blood sugar, menopause, and fertility/pregnancy issues my clients and I have brainstormed -- and RESOLVED -- include:


  • Weight loss challenges -- a biggie for many people

  • Hair loss issues -- including hair head, AND lashes and eyebrows

  • Exhaustion -- especially the kind that gets in the way of daily life

  • Hormonally-related depression and anxiety

  • Continuing symptoms after hypothyroidism treatment

  • Preparing for thyroid surgery

  • Evaluating Graves/hyperthyroidism treatment options

  • Reducing Hashimoto's antibodies

  • Dealing with Reverse T3 problems

  • Reversing prediabetes, and managing type 2 diabetes

  • Identifying and treating adrenal overdrive, fatigue, and dysfunction

  • Perimenopause and menopause symptoms -- from sleep problems, to hot flashes, to belly fat

  • Estrogen dominance, and hormone replacement

  • Fertility challenges when hypothyroid

  • Managing thyroid conditions in pregnancy

  • Post-partum thyroid challenges, including breastfeeding problems

  • Low sex drive


Today's healthcare is frequently a rushed experience. Many of us get a 7-minute appointment with a doctor who barely listens, cuts you off constantly, and then rushes you out the door with your questions unanswered and a prescription in hand. It's SO frustrating!

I'm not a doctor, and I don't have a 7-minute time limit. I'm your coach and advocate, and I'm here to really listen and help empower you with information, knowledge, and approaches you can use to move forward.

The best part? It won't take you weeks or months of surfing websites, or reading endless books and articles. And you won't have to worry about sorting through what's legitimate, and what's just snake oil or marketing hype designed only get you to buy something! 


So why not let me do the homework for you? I can help you fast-forward through all the time-consuming part, so you can get to the best and most life-changing part of all: taking the actions that will get you truly feeling and living well! 

And even better, why not do it during this upcoming Leap Weekend, and also save 50% with a half-priced Fast Forward Coaching Session? 

Coaching slots are limited and fill up VERY fast. So don't miss out on this special offer for a 75-minute, one-on-one Fast Forward Coaching session with me, at half the price!

I can't wait to speak with you! 

~ Mary Shomon

Leap Day Half-Priced Coaching Weekend. In your 75-minute fast-forward coaching session, we will talk about your health challenges, go over your test results, and map out ...
75-Minute Fast-Forward Coaching W/Mary
1 hr 15 min

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