Order your own test kit to help identify adrenal fatigue and adrenal imbalances, without the cost and inconvenience of a doctor's visit, using MyMedLab, the top direct-to-consumer laboratory service. 

Adrenal Stress Test

The Adrenal Stress Profile evaluates your adrenal function by measuring saliva cortisol and DHEA-Sulfate at six points during a 24-hour period.

This home test kit is the best way to determine if you have an adrenal imbalance or adrenal fatigue

The profile includes nine evaluations over a 24-hour period:

Cortisol (6)
DHEA-s (3)

The Benefits: 


  • You eliminate the cost and inconvenience of a doctor's visit just to order routine testing

  • Bypass doctors, HMOS, and insurers that refuse your request for specific tests 

  • Tests cost 50%-80% less than in your doctor's office or local hospital lab

  • Complete privacy and security for your medical records, and your test results are never added to your insurance or HMO files (unless you add them) 

  • Access to a private, personal health record (PHR) online

  • Get testing for vitamin and mineral levels to help monitor your response to supplements and dietary changes

  • You are in control of your health

How it Works:

It's simple to use MyMedLab for your testing. Just follow these steps:

  1. Set up a MyMedLab Account

  2. Order your saliva adrenal test kit 

  3. A test kit will be mailed to your home

  4. Take your samples, and mail back in the pre-paid packaging

  5. MyMedLab will notify you by email when your results are available in your secure online Personal Health Record

  6. Go online, and review your results! It's that easy!

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