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LIVING WELL WITH HYPOTHYROIDISM: What Your Doctor Doesn't Tell You...That You Need to Know

"In this first-rate book...the disorder, its myths,
and medicine's successes and failures 
at dealing with it
are thoroughly examined."

~ The Los Angeles Times

The Most Comprehensive Resource Available on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Hypothyroidism


For millions of Americans, hypothyroidism often goes untreated ... or is treated improperly. This book, thoroughly researched by the nation's top thyroid patient advocate—a hypothyroidism patient herself—provides you with answers to all your questions, including:

  • What is hypothyroidism?

  • What are the warning signs, symptoms, and risk factors?

  • Why is getting diagnosed often a challenge, and how can you overcome the obstacles?

  • What treatments are available (including those your doctor hasn't told you about)?

  • Which alternative and holistic therapies, nutritional changes, and supplements may help treat hypothyroidism?​

Living Well With Hypothyroidism is the comprehensive guide you need to understanding thyroid tests, thyroid treatments, natural options, diet, weight loss, hair loss, fatigue, and resolving other symptoms of an underactive thyroid. 

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