Levothyroxine is the third most prescribed drug in the United States, and the most commonly-prescribed treatment for hypothyroidism. In this free Levothyroxine Deep Dive, created by patient advocate and best-selling author Mary Shomon, you'll learn everything you need to know about living well and feeling well when taking levothyroxine.

  • The Three Forms of Levothyroxine

  • Levothyroxine Manufacturers

  • What's In Your Levothyroxine: Excipients and Dyes

  • Potency Issues with Levothyroxine

  • Generic Levothyroxine Challenges

  • Do You Need a Brand Name Levothyroxine?

  • When to Switch Brands

  • When to Switch from Tablets to Tirosint®

  • How are Drugs Distributed and Priced?

  • Saving with Manufacturer Programs

  • Copay Cards and Coupons

  • Patient Assistance Programs

  • Insurance Copayments and Tiers

  • Pharmacy/Grocery/Retailer Discount Programs

  • Outside Coupon and Discount Programs

  • Mail Order Pharmacies

  • Retail/Cash Prices

  • Multi-Month Refills

  • Saving on Brand Name and Generic Levothyroxine

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