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Extend the Managed Data Exchange (MDX) object-based data integration to support the Autodesk Design Review application.Add Autodesk 3D Max 2018 support to AutoCAD.Support for DesignScript for Reverse Engineering.When you edit a drawing, you can easily access feedback comments in a web browser.Examine your AutoCAD drawings on any device, including the web browser.Rotate and mirror parts on the model.AutoCAD’s 3D engineering software, 3D Modeler, is now available for Linux, Mac, and Windows.Download and run AutoCAD on multiple Linux and macOS platforms with any license.Add external, local, and remote parts to your AutoCAD drawings.Support for tools from Autodesk’s AppSource for Web, iOS, and Android apps.Highlights in the AutoCAD 2020/2023 releaseCAD Document Library:Download and install the Autodesk CAD Document Library. (video: 1:10 min.)CAD Surface Modeling:Export 3D models and annotations from AutoCAD to the Autodesk CAD Document Library.Create a component-based CAD surface model. (video: 1:12 min.)Manage and control access to CAD drawings on the cloud.View or download CAD drawings without downloading them to your device.CAD Navigation tools:Create a web portal.Generate web navigation from a component-based CAD model.Attach links to web pages directly from AutoCAD.Examine models on any device.Use the new 3D viewer to view and examine CAD models.View and control CAD drawings and models on the cloud.CAD support for WebGL.CAD drawing components.Add hyperlinks and images to your drawings.Use the new online part search to find parts quickly.Expose computer-aided design (CAD) functionality directly in SketchUp.Extend the Managed Data Exchange (MDX) to support the Design Review application.Add models from Autodesk 3D Fusion 360 to AutoCAD.Highlights in the AutoCAD 2019/2020 releaseIntegrated Desktop Cloud Access (IDC)Automatically launch 2be273e24d

AutoCAD PC/Windows [Updated-2022]

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