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Discover the Exciting New Products That Help You Quickly Get Gorgeous, Thick Lashes and Brows!

Are age, medications, hormones, or a thyroid problem giving you thin, sparse eyelashes and eyebrows?  If so, you are probably like me, and you end up trying different mascaras and false eyelashes. 

But mascara smudges, smears, and clumps.  And I'm TERRIBLE with false eyelashes. I fumble around, end up with visible glue lines, lashes stuck together, or lashes that fall off (usually at the WORST time!)  I've tried those magnetized fake lashes that sandwich above and below your regular lashes, too. And yes, they fall off! I also don't want to pay for costly lash extensions or lash tattoos. I want something that's easy, fast, and flawless -- every time! 


Did you know you can go from sparse, nearly invisible eyelashes to thick, long lashes in less than a minute? 


What's the secret? It's a specially formulated magnetic eyeliner, and uniquely designed magnetic lashes that attach firmly, in just a few seconds! No glue, no mess, no eyelashes stuck to your face! 


Don't believe me? Just watch! 

These uniquely designed lashes are beautiful, comfortable, effortless and long-lasting. They can be worn up to 20 times per pair. Magnetude Magnetic Lashes can also be trimmed to fit your lash line. They are made from silk & nylon with rare earth magnets. BUY A SET FOR ONLY $35! 


Magnetude Lashes and Liner


9 to 5 - A classy and sophisticated look, perfect for daytime. It's a medium volume, V-shaped lash that creates natural looking lashes and enhances the size of your eyes.

Ladies Night -- A glamorous, high-volume lash that combines length and curl for a bolder, more dramatic look. Trimmable from both ends. 

Selfie -- This gorgeous, high-volume lash gives you the long, cat's eye look that accentuates a smoky eye, for some serious drama! Trimmable from both ends.

Magnetude Magnetic Lashes pair with Magnetude Magnetic Eyeliner. This game-changing magnetic eyeliner makes it easier than ever to wear false eyelashes. Just apply the liner, let it dry, then apply the magnetic lashes and you’re done! 

Once Magnetude Magnetic Eyeliner dries, it is smudge proof, even through rain, high humidity and perspiration.

Safe for all eye types and contact wearers, and gluten-free, vegan, paraben-free.


Lashes are $35 per set. Liner is $40. You can also get a Lash/Liner Bundle for $55 and save $20!


Don't forget your brows! The Works Kit includes brow/eyeliner gel, stencils, and a styling brush. Smooth to apply, but buildable and TOTALLY waterproof and smudge-proof when dry. THE WORKS won’t come off until you take it off! Available in taupe, light brown, and dark brown! BUY NOW:  $36

P3 Pore Perfecting Primer. You'll love this velvety makeup primer, which makes a perfect base for your makeup, leaving skin smooth and flawless-looking! BUY NOW: $44

Tori belle's Shake It Off Makeup Remover is gentle, gluten free, vegan, and paraben free. BUY NOW: $20

Long-lasting shadows, including the Flat Earth Matte Palette, and Space Case Bright Palette. BUY NOW:  $40

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