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In today's world, you are lucky to get even a few minutes with your doctor, much less the time you need to discuss alternatives, and get your questions answered. It's hard to get the evaluation you need, much less the information to make smart decisions about your health. Even then, you're likely to be handed a prescription, and sent on your way.


IT'S NOT ENOUGH! How can you feel well? How can you LIVE well?


By realizing that the old model of medicine is old news. Today, YOU have to be informed and knowledgeable about your health challenges, AND have the confidence to ask the right questions, and find the right health care providers. YOU are the CEO of your health...and it's time to take your job seriously. 

My mission is to help you get the crucial information and skills you need to navigate today's health care environment. Whether it's information-packed articles, comprehensive books, webinars, social media connection, or a personal, one-on-one coaching session, I'm here to help you take charge and truly LIVE WELL!


I look forward to helping you on your wellness journey!

~ Mary Shomon

COACHING can change your life!


No time to read dozens of articles and books? Does your doctor rush through appointments and leave you with unanswered questions? Let's fast-forward up the learning curve, and arm you with the information, questions, and knowledge you need to feel and live well.


During a telephone coaching session, we'll map out a plan to help you find the health care providers, experts, resources, information, treatments, and options that can make a difference in your health and your life! 


You know you are dealing with someone who really 'gets it' when you give them the details and they are asking the right questions! Mary really had the big picture and she gave me some great insight. I wish I had talked with Mary sooner! Because she is walking the walk, she brings an expertise and caring to the consultation that others do not. 

Lori H.


you want & need.

With True Health Labs -- the nation's premiere direct-to-consumer testing lab -- you can order your own blood, saliva, urine, and other medical tests at low, wholesale costs. It's sometimes even cheaper than your insurance co-pay, and may be covered by your health insurance or health savings account (HSA). 

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If high-co-pays, disinterested doctors, or insurance and HMO restrictions are preventing you from getting the tests you need, you now have the power to take charge of your health care!

Some popular tests you can order from True Health Labs include:

  • Comprehensive thyroid panel, including TSH, Free T4, Free T3

  • Reverse T3

  • Adrenal Stress/Saliva Cortisol

  • GAD Antibodies (for LADA/Type 1.5 Diabetes)

  • HA1C and Leptin (for weight loss)

  • Ferritin (for hair loss)

and much more. Learn more now! 



knowledge is



Diagnosis, treatment and great practitioners are just part of actually feeling and living well. Knowledge is essential! A good place for you to start is with my series of New York Times bestselling books on thyroid disease, autoimmune disease, weight loss, menopause, fertility, pregnancy, and hormonal health.

My focus has always been to combine the best of conventional AND proven alternative medicine -- so that you get the best of BOTH worlds.

My books are written for you, from the patient perspective, and not in the complicated medical-speak many doctors use. Learn more about my books on hormones, thyroid disease, and other health issues here.

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