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You feel best on a higher-priced brand name levothyroxine like Synthroid® or Tirosint®/Tirosint®-SOL, but you are uninsured and can't afford the cost of the brand name medication.



You're not taking advantage of manufacturer's direct purchase programs for these medications, which in most cases will allow you to get your medication for less than $50/month. 


Fill your prescriptions through a manufacturer's "direct" mail-order program.

Synthroid® manufacturer AbbVie offers the Synthroid® Direct Enrollment program, through Eagle Pharmacy. In most cases, you can get your Synthroid® prescription filled by mail for $25 a month  -- with or without insurance. For information on how to enroll in Synthroid® Direct Enrollment:


Tirosint® and Tirosint®-SOL manufacturer IBSA offers the Tirosint® Direct mail order program. You can pay $50 per month, or $120 for a three-month supply ($40 per month) – for Tirosint® or Tirosint®-SOL. For information on how to participate in Tirosint® Direct, go to: 


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